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J & E Concierge’s Accounting Services in Pattaya offers a wide range of services for all your business & financial needs. From Accounting,  Immigration to Tourism Licences.  Accounting Pattaya is here to understand your needs.

Every limited company in Thailand must get their financial statements audited, annually. Why spend valuable time on this, pass it over to the experts at J & E Accounting Pattaya and take the worry out of making any costly mistakes. We can prepare Annual balance sheets, balance sheets and offer a complete Auditing service.

J & E Concierge can help you with VAT Registration, VAT Refund (10% from the amount of refund).

We can open the Company Bank account or Open Personal Bank account for you and apply for the Social Security Fund Registration.

Making the submissions to Thai authorities may not be easy for you, if you are from overseas since the process is different in Thailand, you will most probably need an accountant’s assistance, J & E Accounting Pattaya are here to help.

J & E Concierge Can also help with a variety of other licences and red tape associated with doing business in Pattaya for example Company Registration, Business VisaWork Permit, Business Operating Licence, Trademark Registration, Company Financial Reports and Tourism Licences.

Accounting and Auditing

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Accounting Pattaya

We managed to develop the best services because we implemented a successful formula. Our team of experts offers quality services and at the same time their guarantee. We offer systematic processes and procedures, because we want all our clients to benefit from the best services and to support their needs at the same time.

J&E Concierge will offer you the best prices, transparency, which is why we invite you to visit our office in Pattaya.

J & E Concierge’s Accounting is located on Pattaya Thai, near the corner of Third Road, near Friendship Supermarket. See our contact page for our accounting office location in Pattaya

J & E Concierge’s Accounting Pattaya have English speaking Accountants in Pattaya.

Pattaya Accounting and Auditing Service

Accounting ServicePrice/thb
Monthly Accounting (Starting Document From 1-30 List)2,500
Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 50 List) 3,000
 Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 75 List) 4,000
 Monthly Accounting (Documen Not More than 100 List) 5,000
 Monthly Accounting (Documen after 100 List) 6,000
 Monthly Accounting Recording – Accounting software Starting From (Base on Document) 500
 Consultant Annual Personal taxes and Preparing PND. 91, 90 1,000
 Annual Balance sheet & Auding ( Non Movement Company) 9,500
Auditing ServicePrice/thb
Annual Auditing (0 – 2 Million Baht Company Capital Registered)15,000
Annual Auditing (3 – 4 Million Baht Company Capital Registered)17,000
Annual Auditing (5 – 10 Million Baht Company Capital Registered )20,000
Annual Auditing (For over 10 Million Baht Company Capital Registered + 3,000 Baht per Million )25,000
Closing Company (Starting Price From)25,000
Annual Auding – Juritic Person ( for No more than 100 Unit)15,000
Annual Auding – Juritic Person (From 100 – 500 Unit)35,000

Company Registration Service

J & E Concierge’s Company Administration Services can help you with increasing company capital, changing company director, closing a company, add a new branch of the company, adding company objective, changing company shareholders and changing the company name.

Company RegistrationPrice/thb
1 Million Baht Company Capital Registration17,000
2 Million Baht Company Capital Registration 22,500
3 Million Baht Company Capital Registration 28,000
4 Million Baht Company Capital Registration 33,500
for Over 4 Million Baht Company Capital Registration + 5,500 Baht per Million )
Increase 1 Million Bath Company Capital 13,000
Increase 2 Million Bath Company Capital 19,000
Increase 3 Million Bath Company Capital 25,000
Increase 4 Million Bath Company Capital 31,000
Changing Company Director 5,000
Changing Company Address 3,000
Add Company Branch Address 3,000
Add Company Objective 5,000
Changing Company Shareholders 5,000
Changing Company Director & Shareholders 7,000
Changing Company Name 7,000

Business Licences | Marriage Registration etc

J & E Concierge can assist with various business licenses you need to obtain a range of business and personal requirements in Pattaya, these include: Restaurant Licence | Hotel Licence | Bar Licence | Sale of Cigarettes and Alcohol Licence |  Trade Registered |  Advertising Tax |  Marriage registration (Thai and Foreign) – See Marriage Visa for more information on our Thai Marriage Visa service | Room Service Licence | House Registration and Rental Licence | Tourism Licence.

J & E can assist with various licensing you need to obtain for a range of business and personal needs in Pattaya, these include: Restaurant License | Hotel License | Bar License | Sale of Cigarettes and Alcohol License |  Trade Registered |  Advertising Tax |  Marriage registration (Thai and Foreign) | Room Service License | House Registration and Rental License | Apply and continue the Tourism License.

City Hall Department & district Office & Excise DepartmentPrice/thb
Restaurant License5,000
Sale of cigarettes and alcohol License5,000
Marriage registration ( Thai & Foreigner)3,000
House Registration3,000
Trade Registered1,000
Rental license15,000
Advertising Tax Payment Service ( Non Include Tax Cost)2,000

Land Office Services

The Land Office offers a range of services that can be difficult to navigate, we can help with everything required to Transfer Land, take care of Title Deeds and Land  Registration and anything else that is thrown at you.

J & E Concierge services include Land transfer fee | Property transfer and tax | Title Deed Checking (Checking title deed tax cost)


Department of Transport

J & E Concierge can make dealing with your vehicle documentation, tax and licence requirements, a range of services include transfer car ownership, renew/continue car tax, renew motorbike tax and getting a Thai Driving Licence (more information on Thai diving licences here).

Department of TransportationPrice/thb
Transfer Car Ownership10,000
Continue Car Tax (starting from)1500
Continue Motorbike Tax800
Thai Driving License

Other Services

Labor DepartmentPrice/thb
First Year Work-Permit Fee15,000
Continue 1 Year Work-Permit Fee10,000
Add Company in Work – permit Fee10,000
Add Company Branch in Work – permit Fee8,000
Cancel Workpermit4,000
Revenue DepartmentPrice/thb
VAT Registration3,000
Changing Company Name3,000
Changing Company Address3,000
Apply & Submit Company Document with Revenue Officer5,000
VAT Refund ( 10% From the Amount Of Refund)
Company Tax Document Certificate ( Not Include Fee)1,000
Social Security Fune DepartmentPrice/thb
Social Security Fund Registration5,000
Social Security Fund Document Form Certifications.2,000
The Tourism DepartmentPrice/thb
Apply & Continue The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Add Company Branch in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Changing Company Address in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Changing Company Name in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport)5,000
Bank ServicePrice/thb
Open Company Bank Account3,000
Changing Company Bank Account Information3,000
Open Personal Bank Account2,000

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