new year for Thailand

New year for Thailand

So, what is the predictions for the Country of Smiles in the next 12 Other bigger projects will emerge? Will the baht continue to grow? We come up with the top ten predictions for next year and we invite you to think.

As it is said in Thailand, the same, but different.
The political mastery of the sea was enough to convince foreign governments of the previous coup to now legitimize the new flowering of democracy in Thailand. Even the current Thai Prime Minister, affectionately known as “Uncle You”, would gladly agree that the current situation is a “Thai-style” quasi-democracy, according to which men in power are essential to the stability of the Kingdom.
A tsunami could not stop him, more and more hits came and went, the world economy is in decline, but the number of tourists in Thailand continues to grow. Teflon Tourism Syndrome.

Without other figures to back up their crying from the back row, those around them say they simply do not believe in the three decades of growth – that the numbers are shared by civil servants protecting their jobs in Bangkok.
The facts are quite clear – by auditing flight numbers, slots for landing aircraft, increasing rides, number of tourist boats, number of hotels, number of customers in shopping centers, number of new taxis, plus adding travel sharing in recent years – tourists continue to arrive in Thailand.
While bath growth forecasts are about 2-3% by 2020, some key pressures should ease this year. With such a heavy reliance on the tourism business, the government will want to maintain high traffic and earnings from all aspects of tourism around the Kingdom by 2020.
The pressures that emerged in 2019 – rising Thai baht, US and China trade wars, a declining world economy, a plateau of tourist arrivals – are expected this year.
If we or I ran a business that caused massive losses, year after year, we will now drive taxis in Pattaya. No one would leave us near the cash register. However, the airline in the country, Thai Airways, was more accurate.

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