Audit and financial accounting

Audit and financial accounting

The annual balance sheet consists of the accounting records that close the year in which the company activity was performed.
This activity generates results that show if the company was successful in that year.
Also, through the annual balance sheet, the components of the business assets are presented.
The content of a financial statement also includes reconciled accounts but also audit along with confirmation and publication.
During the annual balance sheet, all the information is made available by the current accountant, but a broader picture of it usually requires financial statements and stocks.

Any company must follow all the accounting procedures exactly as they are presented in the Civil and Commercial Code, the Revenue Code but also the Law of Accounts.
These documents require a compulsory translation into Thai if a foreign citizen has them.
When a partnership is registered under Thai law and its capital is active and the total revenues are not higher than those provided in the ministerial regulations, the financial statements should not be audited by a certified auditor.

In the case of foreign companies, the office manager is obliged to submit a copy of the financial statement within 150 days at the end of the fiscal year.

Do you need an audit service in Thailand? Here we are. We can help you reach all the information you need, and also help you in any problem you may have.
Before but also after the completion of an audit, there are several steps involved, which is why it is advisable to call an audit service provider who can explain and complete this process.

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After signing the audit report several requirements must be met, note that we can provide you the best audit service for you. This process requires time and preparation, and we advise you to contact us when you need a company audit.

Any company registered in Thailand has multiple obligations regarding accounting and taxes.
Both private companies and registered partnerships, as well as legal entities operating here, must have accounts. Exceptions are the private persons who are exempted from these obligations.

The newly established company must close its first balance sheet in 12 months after registration, the same will be done in the following years. Also, companies must request a taxpayer identification number within 60 days of registration.
This number serves not only the profit tax but also the withholding tax and VAT.
The auditing service is addressed to all citizens, whether Thai or foreign. Maintaining a financial balance following local legislation is a very important part of your company’s activity in Thailand.

The services of auditing services allow you to make a tax return in a very short time, and you will be able to provide important information in your company’s economic decisions. We can handle the financial balances and all the appropriate actions when it is necessary for you.

The auditing service is very important for all entrepreneurs who have a business in Thailand.
Thailand’s legal system is predominantly civil law, but it also has many influences. The Thai legal system is mostly based on laws adopted by the legislator.
Among the primary law, sources are the constitution, legislation, codes, and acts, but also decrees and customs.
Sometimes it can be fun to break the rules, but not in Thailand.
Almost every country has slightly strange and outdated legions. Maybe they haven’t been put into practice yet, but no one has forgotten them, and for us, they can be just weird.

Thailand is definitely among these countries.
For all the people who need a lawyer to deal with and do whatever is necessary for certain pleasant or less pleasant formalities, we are here to help you.
You can benefit from the services of a law office Pattaya.
Regarding legal decisions, we can say that they are not legal, because they apply only in the case of a natural person.
When you think about opening your own business in Thailand, and the registration process will give you a headache, you don’t have to worry. Our team is here for you.

With the help of our law office in Pattaya, you will have all the services your company needs.
J% E Concierge can offer you the services of specialized lawyers, who will create secure structures for the respective company, for both Thai and foreign citizens.
If you are looking for a law office in Thailand, please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

If you are a foreigner, you do not have to worry about locating an experienced lawyer, we can help you find a professional with whom you can collaborate with confidence.
With the help of the law office in Thailand and the law office in Pattaya, we will help you benefit from the best services of the best lawyers.

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