May 2018: New enforcement of the Hotel Act of Thailand
Hotel Business Licence: Do you have the correct hotel business licence?
Crackdown on illegal hotels continues in Pattaya and all over Thailand continues this week with police raiding 10 hotels in Pattaya city and surrounding areas in Jomtien and Pratumnak

J&E Concierge Can help you quickly assess if your hotel business complies with the Hotel Act and obtain the correct Hotel Licence.


J & E  Concierge offers professional assistance a wide range of business licences, from Business Operating Licence, Alcohol Licence or Bar  Licence, Restaurant Licence, Hotel Licence, Music LicenceGaming Licence for Darts, Pool Etc, House Rental Licence,  Trademark Registration,  and Tourism Licences. We take the hassle out of the bureaucracy. J&E Have staff available that understand your business needs and are fluent in English so you will be fully understood.

We can also open Company Thai Bank account or open Personal Thai Bank account for you in Pattaya with a range of local banks.

Making the submissions to Thai authorities may not be easy for you. If you are from overseas,  the process is different in Thailand, and you will most probably need an accountant’s assistance, J & E Concierge Pattaya is here to help.

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Business Licenses

Business Licences Pattaya

J & E can assist with various licensing you need to obtain for a range of business and personal needs in Pattaya, these include: Restaurant License | Hotel License | Bar License | Music License | Gaming License | Sale of Cigarettes and Alcohol License |  Trade Registered |  Advertising Tax |  Marriage registration (Thai and Foreign) | Room Service License | House Registration and Rental License | Apply and continue the Tourism License.

Pattaya has many different offices to obtain the different licences to run your business, at J&E Concierge, we know where to go and what you need to obtain these licences.

If you are opening a restaurant, a bar or any kind of business there will surely be hurdles to jump through and licences to obtain, we will take care of everything for you, making the whole process simple and more importantly save you your most valuable resource, TIME!

Hotel Licence Bar licence, restaurant licence and music licences are one of our most popular services supplied in Pattaya.

City Hall Department & district Office & Excise Department Price/thb
Restaurant License 5,000
Sale of cigarettes and alcohol License 5,000
Music Licence 12,000
Gaming Licence (Pool Dart’s etc) CONTACT US
Marriage registration ( Thai & Foreigner) 3,000
House Registration 3,000
Trade Registered 1,000
Rental license 15,000
Advertising Tax Payment Service ( Non Include Tax Cost) 2,000

Tourism Licence Pattaya

The Tourism Department Price/thb
Apply & Continue The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport) 5,000
Add Company Branch in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport) 5,000
Changing Company Address in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport) 5,000
Changing Company Name in The Tourism License ( Excluding Fee & Transport) 5,000

Bank Services in Pattaya

Bank Service Price/thb
Open Company Bank Account 3,000
Changing Company Bank Account Information 3,000
Open Personal Bank Account 2,000

J&E Concierge Business Licencing Pattaya

The formula behind the success of J & E Concierge’s Business Services in Pattaya is simple but well-developed. We combine a team of experts, systematized processes and procedures, to ensure our clients receive the very best services to support their unique business needs.

We offer Pattaya’s simplest, transparent and honest pricing. If you don’t see the service required here, just call us for a quote on any of your business needs or come to our office in Pattaya for a consultation.

J & E Concierge’s Business Services is located on Pattaya Thai, near the corner of Third Road, near Friendship Supermarket.

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