April 2020

Non-immigration “O” Volunteer


J & E VISA SERVICES - Non-IMMIGRATION "O" Volunteer - PATTAYA THAILAND Assistance fee: 5,000 Baht (excluding visa fee) Non-immigration "O" Volunteer Visa for Thailand Or How To Get A 1 Year Visa And A Work Permit In PattayaSound good, right? A Thai Visa and a Thai Work Permit for An Entire Year!!!We know you want to see Thailand and visit all the destinations from your bucket list! Settle down in Pattaya long-term! Or maybe you have a plan to work here, run a business, and want to stay longer! Or you`ve fallen in love! But we

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January 2020

Real Estate Rent or Buy House or Condo Pattaya


J & E CONCIERGE REAL ESTATE PATTAYA THAILAND  Rent or buy a property in Pattaya Thailand We specialize in seeking out the property of your dreams. Find your dream home, right here. Want to buy or rent a property with exactly what you want? How many times have you set your mind on a 3 bedroom apartment and find a real estate agent takes you to see a 2 bedroom apartment? Complete waste of everyone's time! At J & E Concierge we actually listen to you and are here to find your ideal property

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October 2019

About Elite Visa in Thailand


About Elite Visa in Thailand What is Thailand Elite? Haven't you heard about Elite Visa in Thailand yet? This type of visa was introduced in 2013 following the approval of the Thai Privilege Card by the Thai government and proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sport. Elite Visa is the most convenient visa that allows you and gives you the right to live in Thailand. This visa allows you to obtain a visa from 5 years to 20 years without the need to submit a lot of documents

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Thai National visa


Thai National visa Who Needs Thailand Visa? As a rule, any citizen, regardless of their nationality, when it is decided to come to Thailand is required to obtain from the Embassy of Thailand or a Thai Consulate a visa suited to his needs and requirements. However, certain citizens of certain countries will not require a visa as long as they meet the requirements that can exempt them from obtaining it. If the citizens of these countries enter Thailand for tourism purposes, they are exempt from obtaining this visa, but they will be

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About Visa Run in Thailand


About Visa Run in Thailand How can I stay in Thailand for 90 days? When you enter Thailand you will be given a stamp that allows you to stay on the territory of Thailand for a period of 30 days or a period of 15 days, depending of course on your country of origin, and when this period is over, you will have to leave Thailand. If you want to stay in Thailand, you can extend your visa to the Immigration Office where you will have to pay a fee, but remember

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Guardian Visa in Thailand


Guardian Visa in Thailand Is there child support in Thailand? Parents that wish to support their child of Thai nationality, this visa is valid for one year, but it can be renewed after it expires. The guardian visa of the parent accompanying his or her minor child studying in Thailand depends largely on his student visa or in another case the duration of his studies in this country. You can apply for a guardian visa either in the country of origin at the Thai Embassy or Consulate or you can apply for

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Getting Married in Thailand


Getting Married in Thailand What do I need to marry my Thai girlfriend in Thailand? Whether you are a foreign national and you want to marry a Thai national, or you are a couple of foreign nationals and you want to get married in Thailand, you will have to fulfill certain conditions before completing the marriage. Marriage in this country will be recognized and legalized according to the laws of this country only if it is valid following Thai law. It is not enough to organize just one ceremony for your marriage

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About Education Visa in Thailand


About Education Visa in Thailand Is it good to study in Thailand? An education visa in Thailand is not just meant to learn the Thai language, you are welcome to Thailand to study a wide range of topics and areas, but they must be approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. If you decide to study foreign languages or martial arts, cooking or other fields, depending on the wishes of each, J&E Concierge will help you understand how you can get these education visas. The education visa allows all students of

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How to Get a Work Permit in Thailand


How to Get a Work Permit in Thailand What do I need to work in Thailand? Do you have any plans to come to Thailand to get a job here? You will need a work permit, as this work permit allows you to carry out these activities in Thailand from a legal point of view. Whether you are a natural person or a company, you must apply for a work permit, which is why we thought we would come to your aid. J&E Concierge Pattaya has obtained numerous work permits for both

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About Work Permit in Thailand


About Work Permit in Thailand Can I work in Thailand without a degree? About work permit in Thailand point says one thing exactly, it allows a foreign citizen to work or start a new business in this country. To be able to work legally in Thailand you have to obtain this permit, otherwise, you will suffer some rather severe consequences, according to the government and the rules of this country. The application for a work permit depends largely on the registered capitalization of the employer. Thai business companies wishing to obtain work

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Requirements for Business Visa in Thailand


Requirements for Business Visa in Thailand Can a foreigner Start a Business in Thailand? Foreign nationals wishing to undertake investment activities in the territory of Thailand must apply for a business visa also called a Non-Immigrant Visa visa directly from the Thai Embassies or Thai Consulates. To meet and respond to the needs and qualifications of individuals, different visa categories are currently provided. These categories also include business visas of category B and business visa granted B-A but also investment visa and business visa category IB. Before starting the activity, a citizen

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Business Visa in Thailand


Business Visa in Thailand Do you need a business visa for Thailand? If you want to get the right visa to carry out activities in Thailand such as starting a business or you simply want to work in this country, you have to focus on the business visa or the working visa. For foreign nationals who have not been connected and do not know the laws and government of the Thai state, it may be a little confusing the process that you will have to work to get a business visa, which

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