July 2019

Industrial cleaning Pattaya


Industrial cleaning Industrial cleaning services  ensures the convenience of employees at the workplace and customers get confidence at first glance. Through office cleaning service, your work will not be interrupted by their office cleaning work. The staff is qualified and works when you are not in the office. Whether it is office equipment, office furniture, sanitary or specialized equipment, cleaning equipment, and cleaning products are adapted to these requirements, Industrial Cleaning Pattaya will be always here to help you. The office represents both the workspace on which the success of the company

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Professional cleaners in Pattaya


Professional cleaners Pattaya Cleaning your home, office or commercial space is a protection for the health of your family members or your employees and an investment in your personal or corporate image. That's why you have to call at Professional Cleaners Pattaya. Scheduling and carrying out the necessary operations to clean house or apartment maintenance, or budgeting cleaning maintenance at offices or commercial spaces involves spending time, energy and resources, Professional Cleaners Pattaya can take care of every dirty space from your place. The building or commercial space is the main asset

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Maid services


Maid services Certainly, many times, you've figured out how necessary is a maid services in your home. Our team thinks you deserve to enjoy every moment, and the things that matter. Our role is to mediate the relationship between family and housewives, analyze family requirements, find the right people and give advice on the best choice. The people we put at your disposal, in a place in your home or your area, are people who have experience in this field, are responsible and always want the place where you spend most of

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Cleaning services Pattaya


Cleaning services Pattaya A regular day of work usually involves a lot of activities: service, with its responsibilities and afferent nerves, paying bills, roads to be done, childcare, and they need a lot of attention, to set up household chores, to prepare dinner for you and your family, and the list can continue, have you ever think about calling a Cleaning Services Pattaya? As you know, the house is your business card, can reveal about you if you are an orderly person, cared for, care about the details or if you are

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Commercial cleaning in Pattaya


Commercial cleaning in Pattaya Cleaning is an extremely important factor for health because if it is done correctly, you can be sure that you live and work in a healthy environment, free of microbes or other harmful factors. Commercial Cleaning Pattaya is here for everyone who wants to stay and work in a clean space. For optimum cleaning, whether it's domestic cleaning your home, whether it's commercial cleaning, you need professional cleaning services. Commercial Cleaning Pattaya will also offer you some important benefits once you choose to work with. Without any care

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Housekeeper in Pattaya


Housekeeper in Pattaya We are increasingly confronted with the lack of free time for spraying various activities, even the most trivial. Cleaning the house we live in is one of the activities we sometimes delay because something more important must be done. How about hiring a Housekeeper Pattaya? Is there anything more reassuring than walking on an immaculate floor, freshly cleansed from one extreme to the other? If you do not have time to fulfill this desire on your own, giving yourself the spoil of living in a clean house, then you

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Cleaning services


Cleaning services Any human activity generates the need for cleanliness and we can say that, except in some cases, cleanliness as an activity does not really please, and in some cases, many of us do not have time. How about the Cleaning Services in Pattaya? Cleanliness is not appreciated, but its lack is noticeable and generates discomfort. We can say, therefore, that the state of cleanliness is part of a normal state of comforts, such as heat or air conditioning, and is generally not regarded as a thing for which we must

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Housekeeping services


Housekeeping services With the coming of the warm season, the care of the garden is a growing concern of those who sit in the yard and have as a passion for the cultivation of plants. There is always something to do in a garden. Whether plants need to be watered regularly, whether they must be protected against pests or that some trees have to be grafted, many activities can be done in the garden during the warm season of the year. Housekeeping Services Pattaya can take care of your garden. The garden

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Services cleaning in Pattaya


Cleaning Services in Pattaya When you want the best results for cleaning your home, you can always have to consider a Services Cleaning in Pattaya for you and your and your needs. Commercial cleaning services are especially attributed to places where a business is run, so when you run a restaurant or some office buildings require these services, like apartments or hotels for example in Pattaya and Jomtien, we are also engaged in Services Cleaning in Pattaya contracts that can relieve you of this work. Whether it's the deep cleaning of the

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May 2018

Garden Maintenance


GARDEN MAINTENANCE & LANDSCAPE GARDENING Are you looking for the best garden maintenance in Pattaya? Stop looking! Your garden can look amazing all the time! If you are interested in short or long term, low maintenance and up keep solutions for your garden or patio, talk to us here at J & E Concierge. We can also design and install a unique landscaped garden for you. One of the biggest problems in the field of gardening is finding the right time to complete all the things that need to be done. With the J&E

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January 2018

Condominium Management


CONDOMINIUM MANAGEMENT Condominium Management by J & E in Pattaya Juristic Person Condominium Management Team A condominium is a community of its own and it's so important to get the right management team in place to keep it well maintained, safe, hassle-free living environment. Condominiums have hundreds of co-owners and in order for this to run efficiently and maintain the value of the property and assets, it is vital that you have the best condominium management, team. Make sure you choose the right juristic person. If you are a body corporate and you wish

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October 2017

Pest Control Pattaya


PEST CONTROL IN PATTAYA & JOMTIEN Pest Control in Pattaya - Get rid Ant's - Cockroach's - Termites - Pest control for all bugs and insects We can cater for all your home and office pest control needs in Pattaya and Jomtien. We offer guaranteed results complete with Pest control warranties. Don't put up with those annoying ant or cockroaches in the kitchen cupboards it can easily be controlled. Our pest control is animal safe (or we will inform you of the hazards, depending on the pest control treatment) so no need to worry

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