January 2020

Another year for Thailand


New year for Thailand So, what is the predictions for the Country of Smiles in the next 12 Other bigger projects will emerge? Will the baht continue to grow? We come up with the top ten predictions for next year and we invite you to think. As it is said in Thailand, the same, but different. The political mastery of the sea was enough to convince foreign governments of the previous coup to now legitimize the new flowering of democracy in Thailand. Even the current Thai Prime Minister, affectionately known as "Uncle

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The kids already know what they want


The kids already know what they want! In Thailand, some surveys are being conducted, in which more children are asked about the careers they want to pursue when they are older. It's funny that these children are already determined about their future. I do not know how many of you at their age already knew what you will do over 20 years.About the results of the 11th study, regarding the children's career was carried out by a group and 4,050 children of Thai origin aged between 7 and 14 were asked. What

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December 2019

Visa rules for border entry in Thailand


Visa rules for border entry in Thailand!! Did you know that the border rules have been changed regarding the landing of people who immigrate to Thailand? Foreign nationals entering Thailand through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia and have never had a visa, will be able to receive a visa waiver stamp, valid for 30 days, twice in a calendar year starting with January 1 until December 31 One of the spokesmen of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand said that this new regulation was created to encourage foreign nationals to have the appropriate

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How to obtain driving license in Pattaya?


How to obtain driving license in Pattaya? Obtain a driving license in Pattaya! When you want to drive legally in Pattaya or Thailand, you need an international driver's license. Normally you need this international driving license from your home country. But when you intend to remain in Thailand for more than 3 months, you must obtain a Thai driver's license. With the help of J&E Concierge, it is very easy to get a driving license in Pattaya, and having it also represents a lot of advantages. Once you have settled in Thailand,

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November 2019

Pattaya will light up with fireworks!!!


Pattaya will light up with fireworks! Fireworks in Pattaya Tourists from all over the world, but also a lot of Thai citizens, will gather again this weekend on the beaches of Pattaya. All restaurants and hotels on the beaches of Pattaya await their guests. Everyone is already looking forward to seeing and experiencing the emotions played by the fireworks. Viewers can also enjoy the parade, live music, concerts, traditional dances, and contemporary dances. This event is organized to celebrate the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his reign over the Thai kingdom.

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Which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya?


Which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya? Profitable businesses in Pattaya? Anyone who does not have Thai nationality can start a business here. Their share can reach up to 49%, so when a foreigner wants to start a business in Pattaya, he is required by law to have a Thai partner. If the business is regulated by The Foreign Business Act, it can get more than 49%. You still do not know which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya? We came up with some ideas for you. Because Pattaya is

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Reasons to visit Pattaya


Reasons to visit Pattaya! Few reasons to visit Pattaya!!! Pattaya is synonymous with exoticism, it is also accessible and friendly with tourists from all over the world. He reveals his wonders from the moment you stepped on his earth, but you need a few days to discover his treasures.  We have concentrated for you  some of the important reasons to visit Pattaya. Would you like to experiment and enjoy the white sand, the shades of green and blue of the sea, the palm trees and the coconuts? The city of Pattaya is

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October 2019

About Elite Visa in Thailand


About Elite Visa in Thailand What is Thailand Elite? Haven't you heard about Elite Visa in Thailand yet? This type of visa was introduced in 2013 following the approval of the Thai Privilege Card by the Thai government and proposed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sport. Elite Visa is the most convenient visa that allows you and gives you the right to live in Thailand. This visa allows you to obtain a visa from 5 years to 20 years without the need to submit a lot of documents

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Thai National visa


Thai National visa Who Needs Thailand Visa? As a rule, any citizen, regardless of their nationality, when it is decided to come to Thailand is required to obtain from the Embassy of Thailand or a Thai Consulate a visa suited to his needs and requirements. However, certain citizens of certain countries will not require a visa as long as they meet the requirements that can exempt them from obtaining it. If the citizens of these countries enter Thailand for tourism purposes, they are exempt from obtaining this visa, but they will be

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About Visa Run in Thailand


About Visa Run in Thailand How can I stay in Thailand for 90 days? When you enter Thailand you will be given a stamp that allows you to stay on the territory of Thailand for a period of 30 days or a period of 15 days, depending of course on your country of origin, and when this period is over, you will have to leave Thailand. If you want to stay in Thailand, you can extend your visa to the Immigration Office where you will have to pay a fee, but remember

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Guardian Visa in Thailand


Guardian Visa in Thailand Is there child support in Thailand? Parents that wish to support their child of Thai nationality, this visa is valid for one year, but it can be renewed after it expires. The guardian visa of the parent accompanying his or her minor child studying in Thailand depends largely on his student visa or in another case the duration of his studies in this country. You can apply for a guardian visa either in the country of origin at the Thai Embassy or Consulate or you can apply for

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Getting Married in Thailand


Getting Married in Thailand What do I need to marry my Thai girlfriend in Thailand? Whether you are a foreign national and you want to marry a Thai national, or you are a couple of foreign nationals and you want to get married in Thailand, you will have to fulfill certain conditions before completing the marriage. Marriage in this country will be recognized and legalized according to the laws of this country only if it is valid following Thai law. It is not enough to organize just one ceremony for your marriage

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