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What are concierge packages?

Concierge packages designed exclusively for you to suit all of your needs whilst living in Pattaya. J & E Concierge aims to take care of all the paperwork, accountancy, licences, leases and visas required to stay in Pattaya, with a Concierge Package set up just for you.

Whether it’s a one off service you require or an on-going set of requirements, let J & E Concierge help take care of your personal and business needs.

Concierge Packages are ideal, because of the language barrier and bureaucracy in Thailand. It is not always easy to handle paperwork involved with the Thai institutions, government offices, licencing offices and land office. J & E Concierge are here to provide consultants and personal assistants to take you to banks, immigration, transport department, etc. We can get you set up with household contracts, offer advice and recommendation regarding finding  a house/condo to rent or opening a business. We also offer many services to help with daily tasks, like gardening, cleaning, household maintenance, moving, pest control, car rental, motorbike rental, tour guides, the list is endless.

J & E concierge packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs, J & E Concierge is at your service and happy to help.

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General Pricing Services

Most services are charged at an hourly rate of 1000 baht per hour.

There is a one-hour minimum charge except on packages. For packages and after one hour, the rate will be charged in thirty-minute increments.

Hourly rate begins from the time the office is left until the requested task is completed.

Cost of any purchases is NOT included in the hourly rate.

Services that are canceled late or unable to be performed due to lack of access or other client caused issue will be billed at normal rates.

Multi-Hour Packages

Basic Package

Eight hours of concierge service monthly 7,000 baht (10% discount)

Deluxe Package

Twelve hours of concierge service monthly 9,000 baht (15% discount)

Premier Package

Twenty hours of concierge service monthly 16,000 baht (20% discount)

All hours for monthly plans must be used within Thirty days of the first hour used. Hours can be shared among individuals. Hours not used within Thirty days will not be refunded or rolled over to the following month.

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CALL US – 081 865 8910