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Juristic Person Condominium Management Team

A condominium is a community of its own and it’s so important to get the right management team in place to keep it well maintained, safe, hassle-free living environment. Condominiums have hundreds of co-owners and in order for this to run efficiently and maintain the value of the property and assets, it is vital that you have the best condominium management, team. Make sure you choose the right juristic person. If you are a body corporate and you wish us to appoint the juristic person, let J & E Concierge take care of it for you.

We can provide a management team, juristic person, staff and assistance to cover all of the areas ensuring your condominium runs smoothly and is well maintained. Our condominium management team can take care of managing the committee meetings and supervision of the AGM. We can appoint a condominium juristic person, (body of persons or corporation required by law) assuming responsibilities for taking care of communal facilities such as communal swimming pool, garden area, and other shared parts of the condominium project. They are also responsible to maintain condominium order and cleanliness throughout the condominium for the benefit of all the residents and co-owners.

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Condominium Management


Our Condominium Accountancy team will handle the bookkeeping of fees and common utilities. We provide a bookkeeping service in accordance with generally accepted accounting principal in Thailand and perform standardized account closing processes in order to produce an accurate financial statement. We will assist with payroll, salary statement, employee tax filing, social security, and provident fund. Tax calculation and tax submission to the tax authority in Thailand. Our service generally covers Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Special Business Tax (SBT) as required by law.


Our Condominium Management Housekeeping team will provide all aspects of housekeeping, gardening, pool maintenance to a high standard maintaining the high standard of the property. Condominium cleaning services keep your property – and your image – always looking spotless. J & E Concierge’s Condominium Management can make your condominium’s common area a clean environment for your residents and bring more value to your condo building.


Our Condominium Management Maintenance team will supply experienced engineers and tradespeople to fix and repair any eventuality that may arise. They will also be on hand to maintain and keep up the high standard of the property.


J & E Concierge’s Condominium Management Security Team will provide standing Security Guards, Access Control, Patrol and Inspections, Parking Enforcement, Concierge Security service, Alarm and Incident response, Lock and Unlock services, Event management, Remote video monitoring, and Fire watch, creating a safe and secure environment.

Pest Control

J & E Concierge’s Condominium Management  Team can provide Pest Control for the building and surrounding area. Please contact us for more information.

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