How to open a company

How to open a company?

The most common topic brought to discussion by travelers who fell in love with Thailand’s lifestyle is how to
open a company here, at the same time having the opportunity to live longer in the country.

Before you start the process of a company formation in Thailand you must learn about all legal formalities you will have to go through, and you will also discover the benefits and traps when you set up a new company.

Many of those who are already determined to set up a new company is indecisive about its name, which is the first step in opening it.

This country is very receptive to the business ideas of foreign citizens, which is why the process of a company formation in Thailand it is not difficult, having a huge potential for a successful business.

You also need a well-established business plan, a large number of founds to invest in your business, and of course the desire to understand the country’s culture, people mentality and last but not least a lot of patience.

In the question of how to open a company in Thailand, are some answers and steps that you will have to follow.
Enjoying this country, you will have your business secured.

Most citizens wonder how much money it costs to start a business in Thailand, but we can only say that if you decide to open a store in Thailand from the beginning to the end it is much cheaper than opening one in your home country.

Ther is not one type of corporations, there are many types that you can set up, and note that the type you choose depends on how much you want to invest.
To note that foreigners are not allowed to hold 100% shares except American citizens.

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If you do not know how to open a company in Thailand you have to remember that the best way is to register under the name of a Thai person, holding 51% of the company, turning it into a majority shareholder.
To register your business under the name of a Thai person, your partner should be guided to government agencies with basic information, then he needs to get the necessary business licenses.

The company formation in Thailand contains two types of legal partnerships these being Limited Thai Partnerships and Established Thai Partnerships, with the need to have Thai partners as company shareholders.
To keep in mind that in Thailand, those contracts that are written in Thai always have priority over contract written abroad.
Let’s talk a little about working visas because many of the citizens wonder if they need it or not.

At the question about how to open a company in Thailand there is also the perplexity about the work permit, meaning that regardless of whether your company is on your behalf, you will still need your work permit.

Many foreigners who already know how to open a company and already have the necessary capital do not know which business they would better match.
Wondering how to open a company in Pattaya?
Pattaya is also an international tourist destination where hundreds of new businesses are opened each year, the existing ones being sold to investors in Thailand as well as foreign.
Hundreds of thousands of Thai and foreign tourists visit the city every year, and businesses catering to those tourists, and to upscale expats, do well.
If you are interested in investing locally let the J & E Concierge Business Services Team in Pattaya ensure your new company gets off to a flying start.

For people who are still wondering how to open a company in Pattaya, I come back with the information about the type of organization that can hold.

1. Thai partnership

2. Thai representative Office

3. Thai limited Compan

When you start your business registration in Pattaya, you must have a default name that does not have to coincide with the name of another already registered company but consider it beneficial to book 3 names to increase your chances of success.

In the process of your business registration in Pattaya, it also takes the registration of corporate tax and also VAT.

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