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Legal Services

Legal Service Details

Starting price 20,000 baht.

  • Ask the court to order that the minor child born of a lawful marriage of a child
  • Request a court order to change a contract in a prenuptial agreement.
  • Ask the court to issue an authorization order in lieu of the consent of the other spouse to manage the sin property.
  • Apply to the court to revoke the Sin Somros management, which must be managed together or must obtain the consent of the other spouse..
  • Ask the court to order that the husband or wife be jointly owned by the spouse of the type specified in Section 456 or the document is significant.
  • Ask the court to order the management of property of the minor.
  • Ask the court to order the marriage null and void.
  • Divorce for divorce by consent
  • File for divorce
  • Ask the court to order a child registration.
  • The lawsuit asks to adopt a lawful child.
  • The lawsuit does not accept children as children.
  • Prosecution of child adoption
  • Sue foster care in the case of a spouse, one of whom is insane and withdrawn. – Appointed preschooler.
  • Sue for child custody
  • Jurisdiction
  • Ask the court to order as incompetent or ineffective.
  • Letter of ownership of land.
  • Letter of Rights
  • The lawsuit expulsion from the public domain.
  • Appeal to evict cases of custody.
  • The possession of property between the parties.
  • Changing the nature of the way.
  • Prosecution for eviction cases
  • Prosecution in case of possession
  • Prosecution in case of a problem of servitude
  • The charge of eviction from rent.
  • The issue of eviction against ownership of the leased property.
  • Tenant issues not yet occupying the leased property. With the lawsuit to evict the person who lived in the rental premises before then.
  • The solution for tenants who want to sue people who live in the rental premises.
  • The prosecution against the problem of pledging to rent.
  • The issue of eviction against special contracts is more than the ordinary lease.
  • Request the court to order the ownership of the land by the occupiers.
  • Suing (in the case of building a wall of encroachment)
  • Suing the case (sale case)
  • Suing (for renting)
  • Suing (for hire)
  • Suicide charges (in case of road accidents)
  • Suing (for land survey and objection)
  • Suing (if you live)
  • Suing the eviction case
  • Sued offense (in the case of a contract to buy or sell)
  • Suicide charges (in the case of an agreement to buy or sell Compromise, Fraudulent Attendant)
  • Sue the eviction (case under Agricultural Land Lease Act)
  • The claim of custody
  • The invocation of rights
  • Indemnity Let’s open the way of servitude.
  • Indemnity Application
  • Indemnification Let’s open the corridor.
  • Credit Card Lawsuit
  • Loan lawsuits
  • Mortgages and mortgages.
  • Check (civil liability)
  • Land
  • Litigant suing
  • Sue to share or auction the land.
  • Legacy
  • Family
  • Violation
  • Liability cases of government officials

Brokerage agency lawsuit
Land Expropriation Litigation
Lawsuits, orders and administrative procedures
Car crash
Compromise Agreement

  • Get debt
  • Wills
  • Litigation Insurance Company
  • The lawsuit for the estate.
  • Sue the doctor.
  • The victims of the car.
  • Sue divorce divorce.
  • Request a child
  • Incompetent
  • Acting on behalf of the incompetent.
  • Trading
  • Ask for temporary protection before the court of justice.
  • The lawsuit for unfair dismissal compensation Pay instead of advance notice
  • Share lawsuit
  • Age issues
  • limited partnership and a limited company
  • Negotiate Mediation Disputes
  • Civil cases of all types.
  • Offenses related to counterfeiting and conversion
  • Trade offense
  • Sex Offense
  • Offenses related to life and body
  • Offense related to freedom and reputation
  • Offense against property
  • Petty offense
  • Ways and requests for court to await punishment / pending penalty
  • Criminal age
  • Capture and release.
  • Temporary release
  • Fraud lawsuit
  • Misappropriation cases
  • Check Case
  • Patent Trademark Copyright Trial
  • All types of criminal cases
  • The seizure of the debtor’s property. And freezing claims
  • Filing a criminal prosecution for creditors fraud
  • Civil and criminal cases.
  • Guarantee in court
  • Stakeholders in enforcement
  • Abstention
  • Withdrawal of Enforcement
  • Revocation of the auction
  • Enforcement of the lawsuit.
  • The same request.
  • Property complaints.
  • Apply for mortgage and preferential debts.
  • Requesting average property

Price starts at 8,000 baht

  • Car purchase contract
  • Condo Contracts
  • Home contract
  • Wills
  • Employment contract
  • Service contract
  • Construction contract
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • House Rental Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Car Lease Agreement
  • Land lease agreement
  • Real estate lease
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