Pattaya will light up with fireworks!

Fireworks in Pattaya

Tourists from all over the world, but also a lot of Thai citizens, will gather again this weekend on the beaches of Pattaya. All restaurants and hotels on the beaches of Pattaya await their guests.
Everyone is already looking forward to seeing and experiencing the emotions played by the fireworks. Viewers can also enjoy the parade, live music, concerts, traditional dances, and contemporary dances.
This event is organized to celebrate the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his reign over the Thai kingdom.
The fireworks festival in Pattaya lasts two days, and some countries will present their fireworks show on the first day, and the next day, they will present their show in a full 45-minute formula.
Many teams from all over the globe will be here in Pattaya in two days to brighten the sky of Pattaya and compete against each other to be crowned.
winner of the year.
All fireworks will be launched from Pattaya beach outside the Central Festival shopping center.
This fireworks festival in Pattaya certainly represents two nights of entertainment for the whole family, for children, an event not to be missed.
If you want to have a wonderful and colorful show, do not hesitate to visit Pattaya in two days.
Besides the explosions of the fireworks you will have, you can also enjoy parades, concerts, and different traditional and contemporary dances. The city of Pattaya is located about 150 km away from the capital of Bangkok, it is not very far, so you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
During this time of year, Pattaya is home to a lot of tourists and citizens.

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