Requirements for Retirement Visa in Thailand

Can I retire to Thailand?

The retirement visa in Thailand is extended every year based on your pension, therefore, this visa is called the retirement visa. Obtaining such a visa will guarantee you a stay in Thailand for a period of one year.
The requirements for obtaining a retirement visa in Thailand are considered quite simple and easy to meet. These, of course, are based on personal finances and there are three methods of obtaining such a visa in Thailand, these being based on savings, marriage and income.
After the income method, you have to prove that you have enough income to live in Thailand, and based on this income you can get a retirement visa in this country. If you apply in another country you will need at least 4 copies of the documents, but if you apply for this visa in Thailand, you will need two copy.
Obtaining a retirement visa in Thailand on the basis of marriage is considered one of the simplest methods to obtain this type of visa with a validity of 1 year.
You will need the marriage certificate if you want to live together in Thailand, and if your husband does not qualify for this visa due to age restriction, he will be considered for non-immigrant type 0 visa. You will have to prove if there is another pension but also any other source of income. You will need to submit a personal income tax form with the payment form included.
Evidence that there are bank deposits in a Thai bank. You will also need to submit a bank statement showing the money transfers in the last 12 months. Exception from this requirement is made if you have been retired for a period of less than 12 months, in case you will have to present the evidence starting next month and you will have to send the finances for the next month, in in case you are granted a marriage visa.

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Retirement Visa obtained

                                           Can I apply for a retirement visa in Thailand?

Remember that J&E Concierge Pattaya is here for you and will help you understand how to apply for the retirement visa, we will tell you all about the cost but also about the process of obtaining such a visa.

Another way to get a retirement visa is to show that you have substantial savings that will allow you to live in Thailand throughout the year the retirement visa is valid.
However, when you go to renew your visa you will have to have the same amount of money, at least 800,000 THB, and these funds must be deposited in a bank account in the territory of Thailand at least 2 months before applying and with at least 3 months before you renew your retirement visa from Thailand. One of the good news is that if you have a pension, you will be able to reduce that amount from the real savings.
The pension must be verified by the Embassy or consultant of the country of origin. This can be done either by physical presence or by sending the necessary documents, and they will return with a letter stating that they have been verified. This letter but also the bank accounts must be on your behalf. The funds must be deposited and stored in a Thai bank account and there is no other way in which they can be stored.
In the process of obtaining a retirement visa in Thailand, you must also prove to the government that you have an address in this country
– if you own an apartment you will have to present a copy of the document attesting that you are the owner
– in case you rented a pension or a hotel, you must present a personalized letter on the letterhead
– if you have a rented house, you will have to present a copy of the lease

Still wondering how to apply for a retirement visa in Thailand? Here are some of the most important steps that make up the process of obtaining this visa
1. Before obtaining a retirement visa, you will need to obtain a type 0 visa for non-immigrants. Due to this visa you will not be able to get a job in Thailand and you will not be able to volunteer for any kind of organization.
In order to obtain this visa, you will have to meet the following requirements:
– you must present a passport with a validity of at least one year before it expires
– you need proof of financial requirement
– you are required to hold citizenship in the country where you apply for the retirement visa
– the minimum age is 50, before 50 years you will not be able to apply for this visa
– you need a letter from the Thai bank where it is proven that you have fulfilled the financial requirements
To facilitate the process of obtaining this visa, we recommend that you contact us because we have experience in the field and we greatly simplify things for you, and regarding the costs you do not have to worry, we will discuss everything and explain everything because you understand everything about this process and its requirements
The next step is to get a retirement visa in Thailand, and in order to do this you have to comply with the following requirements:
– the minimum age is 50, people under the age of 50 will not be able to apply for the retirement visa in Thailand
– you need a non-immigrant visa
– you need an original bank card and a letter from it
– three photos of the passport, signed by you
– you will have to make copies of all relevant documents and sign them
– copies of TM-7
– TM-6 departure card
– passport attesting your residence in the country of origin
– a proof that you have met the financial requirements
– the passport must be valid for at least 18 months
– if requested, the medical certificate issued in the country of origin

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Retirement Visa in Thailand
Requirements for Retirement Visa in Thailand
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  1. LoverGGG October 30, 2019 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    I thought having the 800k in a thai bank for 2 months was only for the retirement extension step, which presupposed you’d already have the non-O or non-O-A.

  2. OtiliaPatt October 16, 2019 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    For a non-O are the immigration officers going to ask me for some proof of volunteer work or Thai family residing in the Kingdom? Are westerners still routinely being granted non-O visas without such proof?

  3. Maleficent October 2, 2019 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    What do I need to renew my Thai retirement visa?

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    Can someone tell me what are the requirements for a retirement visa in Thailand?

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