Startup your company

Startup your company

When you decide to startup a  new company  you need to learn about all the formalities and steps you need to go through.
When you startup a company in Pattaya you have to know that there is no difference to any other country you just have to do things right.

Here you have a wide range of opportunities, you just have to focus on the field in which you feel comfortable.

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of Thai law when deciding to open a company in Thailand
Thailand is a very large country, so you have to look for a city or a region where you condemn your business to be fruitful.
If you already thought about Pattaya means you are ready to start the business plan for the new company.
After all, you need to have a plan b if the business you just started for a variety of reasons has not been successful, but all you have to do is keep your smile on your lips and be optimistic.

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Registering a Thai Company in Pattaya

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Before you start registering your new company, you need to know there are registration fees that you will have to pay.
What we can call a small hurdle when you decide to open a company in Thailand is that the forms you will submit to the Thai government must be completed in the Thai language.
To remember is that the company’s registration in Thailand is taking some time
Further on in the text, you will find the information needed to register the company.

1. Articles of association

2. Memorandum of Association

3. The list of shareholders and the application form

4. The director’s form to be signed by each director

5. Declaration of Business Operation form

6. Company name reservation

7. Details of the offices and branches of your business

8. In a corporate bank account, you will have to pay 25% of the initial investment capital.
Before you consider to start up a company in Thailand you may need to understand what options are available to you which is including:

1. A Limited Partnership: in these circumstances, one of the partners will have limited liability while the foreigner will usually have unlimited liability

2. Branch Office

3. Limited Company:- Private Limited Company

– Public Limited Company
The Private Limited Company will have a limited number of shareholders while a Public Limited Company requiring a minimum of 15 promoters to hold shares for at least 2 years.

We hope you have already accumulated all the information you need to open a company in Thailand, and as we have said above, you always choose to open your company in Pattaya.

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