August 2019

Social security in Pattaya


Social security in Pattaya Any citizen living in Thailand more than 180 days a year is considered a resident of this country. They are obliged to pay taxes to the Thai state. A fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. In Thailand, there are several types of taxes, but all expatriates will have to consider the following: 1. Personal income taxes All resident persons living in Thailand for more than 180 days will be taxed on their worldwide income. For all employees, these income taxes will be

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Accounting service in Pattaya


Accounting service in Pattaya You do not have to worry about financial reports, numerous spreadsheets or the revenue service. An accountant will take care of your business. Regarding accounting and taxes in Thailand, the accountant plays an important and essential role in any business. When you want to start your own business in Thailand, we recommend that you contact a professional accountant. We can put you in touch with a professional and certified accountant who can handle your business. An accountant can take care of your company and keep it in

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Audit and bookkeeping service


Audit and bookkeeping service Whatever legal entity registered in Thailand should register companies or partnerships, whether they are Thai citizens or not. Both before and after preparing an audit report, numerous steps are involved. That is why we recommend the best bookkeeping services for your company. They will guarantee transparency in the best service of a tax preparation service. Before the audit process of a company is carried out, certain documents must be presented. Don't have the time or don't know how these procedures will be carried out? You don't have

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Audit and financial accounting


Audit and financial accounting When you want to call for services of financial accounting in Pattaya, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The annual balance sheet consists of the accounting records that close the year in which the company activity was performed. This activity generates results that show if the company was successful in that year. Also, through the annual balance sheet, the components of the business assets are presented. The content of a financial statement also includes reconciled accounts but also audit along with confirmation and

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Accounting and auditor


Accounting & Auditing (Starting from 2500 Baht) Thailand,  the land of smiles,  offers gazillion advantages when you decide starting a business here. In business in Thailand, there is a close connection between the management of the company and its accountants. All business owners and managers must understand how the audit of the revenue department in Thailand works. An accountant must evaluate any financial transaction and must manage every commercial transaction but also every monthly and annual deposit. Regarding any company in Thailand, the government conducts regular TRD audits, these are done

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Accounting Pattaya


Accounting & Auditing (Starting from 2500 Baht) Thailand,  the land of smiles,  offers gazillion advantages when you decide starting a business here. If you decide to start a new life here you must now that we are here to help you and to give all information you need for all those. Because we know making the submissions to Thai authorities may not be easy for you and because every limited comapny in Thailand must get their financial statements audited annually we have thought you wouldn't like to spend valuable time on

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