May 2019

Elite Visa


J & E CONCIERGE'S ELITE VISA SERVICES J & E Concierge's Elite Visa membership is a great option for businesspeople who frequently travel to Thailand. Along with complimentary limousine transfers, a dedicated Elite Personal Assistant is available to provide support with airport formalities and immigration procedures, ensuring that you reach your destination quickly and easily. J & E Concierge's Elite Visa service Pattaya can arrange the following visa application, depending on your requirements, we can arrange the Elite Visa for you, some examples of the privileges are below: PRIVILEGES INCLUDE: Privilege Entry Visa — renewable

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October 2018

VIP Meet and Greet – Fast Track Immigration Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport


VIP MEET AND GREET THAILAND - FAST TRACK IMMIGRATION SUVARNABHUMI OR DON MUANG AIRPORTS Bangkok Airport VIP Fast Lane & Meet and Greet Do you look forward to queuing in line at the airport immigration desk in Bangkok, we've all done it... turned the corner after coming off a long flight and sighed at the length of that immigration queue, it's not fun. So how about a more pleasant way to arrive at Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi. So whether you are traveling Business class, 1st class or Economy, Take the VIP Fast lane and get to

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December 2017

Pattaya Thai Visa and Immigration Services


PATTAYA VISAS - RETIREMENT - NON 'O' VISA - BUSINESS VISA - WORK PERMIT - EDUCATION VISA J & E Concierge's Immigration Visa Services J & E Concierge's Immigration and Visa Services in Pattaya has a full range of helpful services available to you, we cut through the red tape and assist you with what can be a lengthy and frustrating visa application process. So whether it's a Business Visa, Marriage Visa, Education Visa, Non-O Visa, Guardian Visa, Retirement Visa, Work Permit, Tourist Extension or one of the many other pieces of  Thai bureaucracy that present themselves to you during

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