September 2019

Restaurant licence in Pattaya


Restaurant licence in Pattaya A lot of tourists coming to Thailand are enjoying life here, the clubs, restaurants, and hotels present in this country, which is why many of them want to start a business in this regard. Many such businesses are run by foreign cities, people who later marry Thai fortresses. Those who decide to start a different business in Thailand can start a partnership and will need an accountant who will keep track of tax documents and business progress. For restaurants containing alcoholic beverages but also for foodstuffs, certain

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Hostel operating permit in Pattaya


Hostel operating permit in Pattaya In Thailand, a hotel is seen as any other business that offers paid accommodation for less than a month, regardless of its capacity or the number of people. Under the law, even the smallest villa or apartment can be classified as a hotel. To successfully obtain a hotel license, you must follow certain steps. Each of the entrepreneurs who decide to start this kind of business in Thailand needs a license to rent a room or a permit and also a licence for an apartment rental.

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