September 2019

Restaurant licence in Pattaya


Restaurant licence in Pattaya A lot of tourists coming to Thailand are enjoying life here, the clubs, restaurants, and hotels present in this country, which is why many of them want to start a business in this regard. Many such businesses are run by foreign cities, people who later marry Thai fortresses. Those who decide to start a different business in Thailand can start a partnership and will need an accountant who will keep track of tax documents and business progress. For restaurants containing alcoholic beverages but also for foodstuffs, certain

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Hostel operating permit in Pattaya


Hostel operating permit in Pattaya In Thailand, a hotel is seen as any other business that offers paid accommodation for less than a month, regardless of its capacity or the number of people. Under the law, even the smallest villa or apartment can be classified as a hotel. To successfully obtain a hotel license, you must follow certain steps. Each of the entrepreneurs who decide to start this kind of business in Thailand needs a license to rent a room or a permit and also a licence for an apartment rental.

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August 2019

Business operating licences in Pattaya


Business operating licences in Pattaya Depending on the category in which your company is located, it requires certain licenses or permits, the business of which can operate according to the standards of the Thai state. If your activity is regulated by a government body, the application that the company can operate can be a complete one and requires a long time. For obtaining a business license, for the rest of the details and how these procedures work in Thailand, we are at your disposal. Among the regulated activities that require specific

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Hotel license requirements


Hotel license requirements Starting a hotel business in Thailand is a very profitable thing among entrepreneurs eager to try something new. However, every person who decides to start such a business in this country must take into account the significant regulations of this state. It is well known that a Thai citizen can register a company in any form of a commercial entity. However, for foreign citizens, the most recommended form is a private limited company. Foreigners' rights to own and operate a hotel business in Thailand are limited by the

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Hotel Licence in Thailand


Hotel Licence in Thailand Anyone who intends to become the owner of a hotel in Thailand needs a license for the hotel to operate. Obtaining a hotel licence can be daunting for some of you and you will also be wasting a lot of time. We will save you all the time lost in obtaining these documents and we will make this process very easy for you. If you are still wondering how to apply for a hotel license, in the following you will find the answer to this question. Before

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