October 2019

Getting Married in Thailand


Getting Married in Thailand What do I need to marry my Thai girlfriend in Thailand? Whether you are a foreign national and you want to marry a Thai national, or you are a couple of foreign nationals and you want to get married in Thailand, you will have to fulfill certain conditions before completing the marriage. Marriage in this country will be recognized and legalized according to the laws of this country only if it is valid following Thai law. It is not enough to organize just one ceremony for your marriage

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June 2019

Marriage Visa Pattaya


Marriage Visa Assistance Fee: 5,000 Baht (excluding visa fee) Online, on holiday, at the bar, it does not matter where you fell in love, it just matters that you did. Many of you may find yourselves lucky enough to have found the one and tied the knot and if any social media aren't enough to keep the romance alive, you may want to think about moving to Thailand on a marriage visa. The marriage visa is a tad tricky to understand, in that it is actually technically known as a 1

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