September 2019

Transfer house ownership in Pattaya


Transfer house ownership in Pattaya Thai laws are not much different from other countries regarding the purchase or transfer of property. For example, the Land Office in Pattaya also operates on the basis of the Land Code Law. Certain property restrictions on certain lands refer only to the land and not to the building or condominium registered under the terms of the Condominium Law. Both the land and the construction on the respective land can be owned by different persons. Foreign nationals who want to buy a house in Thailand, have

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Land transfer of ownership in Thailand


Land transfer of ownership in Thailand Although foreign citizens do not have the right to own land in Thailand, Thai law allows them to own structures and other improvements built on the land. Because of this, foreign citizens have the opportunity to take legal action to protect their property rights over it. Thailand's transfer of ownership is now much easier with J&E Concierge Pattaya. Among the most popular options are the conclusion of two sets of agreements, these consisting of a lease for the land, and the second contract of sale-purchase

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Thailand Condominium Transfer


Thailand Condominium Transfer The transfer condominium tax in Thailand is a tax and imposed by the Thai government, being paid at the local land office, when transferring the ownership of an apartment. Certain transfer taxes, stamp duties, also withholding tax and specific business tax are involved only when appropriate. Transfer fees may vary from a small amount to a larger amount, of course depending on the amount of income tax involved for the seller. No matter when you need an agent for condo transfer, an agent for property transfer, or change

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How to transfer motorbike ownership in Pattaya


Transfer motorbike ownership in Thailand You just bought a motorbike, whether new or used, you are aware of the things you will need to do before you can start driving on the roads of Thailand? Yes, this is the motorbike registration process. Whether you are located in one of the cities in Thailand and need help in the motorbike registration process, or want help in motorbike registration in Pattaya, J&E Concierge is here for you. Also, you may ask yourself what is the difference between the invoice and the green card

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Vehicle registration in Thailand


Vehicle registration in Thailand It is well known that in Thailand as in any other country, your vehicle must have a valid registration. When this expires you need an extension or a new registration, this process is quite easy, especially when your car or motorcycle is less than 5 years old. J&E Concierge Pattaya is here to assist you in the process of  Vehicle registration Thailand. . Also, vehicles that are more than 5 years old must undergo a technical inspection at a certified service, before applying to renew the registration.

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