October 2019

About Education Visa in Thailand


About Education Visa in Thailand Is it good to study in Thailand? An education visa in Thailand is not just meant to learn the Thai language, you are welcome to Thailand to study a wide range of topics and areas, but they must be approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. If you decide to study foreign languages or martial arts, cooking or other fields, depending on the wishes of each, J&E Concierge will help you understand how you can get these education visas. The education visa allows all students of

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How to Get a Work Permit in Thailand


How to Get a Work Permit in Thailand What do I need to work in Thailand? Do you have any plans to come to Thailand to get a job here? You will need a work permit, as this work permit allows you to carry out these activities in Thailand from a legal point of view. Whether you are a natural person or a company, you must apply for a work permit, which is why we thought we would come to your aid. J&E Concierge Pattaya has obtained numerous work permits for both

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About Work Permit in Thailand


About Work Permit in Thailand Can I work in Thailand without a degree? About work permit in Thailand point says one thing exactly, it allows a foreign citizen to work or start a new business in this country. To be able to work legally in Thailand you have to obtain this permit, otherwise, you will suffer some rather severe consequences, according to the government and the rules of this country. The application for a work permit depends largely on the registered capitalization of the employer. Thai business companies wishing to obtain work

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