The kids already know what they want!

In Thailand, some surveys are being conducted, in which more children are asked about the careers they want to pursue when they are older.

It’s funny that these children are already determined about their future. I do not know how many of you at their age already knew what you will do over 20 years.About the results of the 11th study, regarding the children’s career was carried out by a group and 4,050 children of Thai origin aged between 7 and 14 were asked.

What do you think are the dream careers of these children? Among them are the doctors, it seems that more and more children want to become doctors when they grow up.This is an encouraging, beautiful and courageous thing at the same time, it seems that our future is tomorrow, there is nothing left to do but to get sick. This was a joke.

Many other children want to become teachers, again, a very good thing and a wise decision.But they are still small, it is possible that things will change once they grow and it is possible at the same time that their decisions change.We hope that they will make the wisest decisions and that they will do whatever they want.

It seems that the vast majority of children who want to become doctors live in Bangkok, and those who want to become teachers live in other provinces..But these things can also work for the rest of the children in other countries.Being a doctor doesn’t have to be of Thai origin, right?

The J&E Concierge team, this time also comes to the aid of parents established in Thailand.

Here your children will need a visa in order to continue their studies and all that is needed, and we can handle these formalities ourselves, without you having to face certain problems in the process of obtaining such a visa.

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