Visa rules for border entry in Thailand

Visa rules for border entry in Thailand!!

Did you know that the border rules have been changed regarding the landing of people who immigrate to Thailand?

Foreign nationals entering Thailand through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia and have never had a visa, will be able to receive a visa waiver stamp, valid for 30 days, twice in a calendar year starting with January 1 until December 31
One of the spokesmen of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand said that this new regulation was created to encourage foreign nationals to have the appropriate visas, even before their arrival in Thailand. This visa is at a Royal Thai Embassy.
This new rule also limits the rear visas made by foreign nationals in order to extend their stay in Thailand.
This rule only applies to visitors who have not yet obtained the visa in advance and wish to enter the border on land
Foreign nationals who arrive at the airport without prior visa will still receive a stamp valid for 30 days, 6 times in a calendar year.
However, citizens who hold passports and travel from Malaysia still receive 30 unlimited stamps to replace this visa.

Over 90 days
Following the new regulation receiving immigration to Thailand, tourists can come to this country on a regular basis, without being limited to a 90-day stay in a 6-month period
This restriction has already been eliminated from the regulation, so at this moment tourists can visit Thailand whenever they want, provided they receive a 30-day visa upon arrival at airports, and if they travel over land gratin they have need a 15 day visa upon arrival.
Officials recommend obtaining a visa before arriving in Thailand, as they remind visitors that these short visas are not the right way to extend their stay in this country for a longer period of time.
Following these regulations, travel agencies will have a great advantage, as we expect more tourists to want to visit Thailand in these conditions and eager to renew their visas.

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