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Thailand has a multitude of visa options and requirements.
A visa run requires traveling to a neighboring country from Thailand via land to either activate an existing travel visa in your passport, or to get a new one if yours is due to expire.
I will explain further more why you’d need to do a visa/border run in the first place.
When you enter Thailand, you will be given a exemption stamp. This stamps allows you to stay for 30 days, or 15 days, depending on which country you are from. When time is up, you will need to leave the country.
Now, you can extend your stay by visiting an immigration office and payind a fee, but you can only do this once. Another option to extend your stay is to leave the country and come back in .
Additionally, those who have a visa will have a specific period of time that they are allowed to stay in the country for. This is usually 60 or 90 days, depending on the type of visa.
Once this period is up, they will need to leave the country and either come back in and reactivate another period of validity on their existing visa, or get a new visa from a consulate or embassy in another country.

Visa Runs

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 The Difference Between Visa Run & Border Run

The terms “visa run” and “border run” can be used interchangeably, though there are nuances pertaining to different circumstances. Both require you to go across the border and back, so essentially they are one of the same thing. However, depending on your situation, they may mean slightly different things.
The Visa Run
A visa run is a short trip over an international border designed to reset the visa in the originating country of the trip.
If you do not have a visa and you are seeking to obtain one, then you will need to visit a consulate or an embassy outside of Thailand. This will most likely require you to stay for one or two nights in your destination, so that you have time to visit the consulate or embassy and apply for and collect the visa. Arguably, this is the main difference between these two terms. In this scenario, the term “visa run” would be more applicable, because you are running over the border to get a visa. However, the term “visa run” can still be applied to those who do have a visa, they are seeking to get a new stamp in their visa by running to the border.
The Border Run
The term border run generally refers to literally going over the border and coming back in (running to the border and back = border run).
When people use the term “border run”, the general meaning is that they already have a visa, or that they are simply seeking to re-enter the country on an exemption stamp, and thus they need to go over the border and come back in the same day.

Land Border Runs (15 days)

If you do not have a proper visa, and were previously on an exemption stamp – which would have given you 30 days on arrival at the airport (might be 15 days depending on the country you are from) – entering Thailand again via land will give you a new stamp with a validity of 15 days. You used to be the case that you were able to go out of Thailand and come back in and get 30 days on arrival, but they have since changed this rule for land entry. They also keep an eye on the amount of “in out” stamps that you have in your passport. If you abuse the system without getting a proper visa, you can expect to be stopped by immigration and questioned on this matter, and possibly refused a stamp.

 Airport Border Runs (30 days)

Flying in and out of Thailand can still be considered a border run or a Visa run, because you are going over a border, turning around and coming back in. However, the rules will be slightly different for those who do not have a proper visa. If you fly out of Thailand and turn around and fly back in the same day, you can get another 30-day stamp on arrival. again though, if you do two or three or four of these in our airport border/visa runs, expect to be questioned by immigration at some point. They will question your intention, and ask what it is that you are doing in Thailand that you need to keep going out and coming back in.

Getting Your Visa Stamped (at the border)

For those who do have a proper visa, such as a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, or a Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant O Visa, when you go over the border and turn around and come straight back in, you will receive a stamp that activates a new validity period of your existing visa. If you have a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, you will be given another 60 days. If you have a Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant O Visa, you will be given another 90 days stay. If you have a Non-Immigrant O Visa, you will be able to extend once in the yearly validity period, for 60 days. If you have a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, you can extend once within the visa validity period, for 30 days.

Visa run – Pattaya to Cambodia

The imposing faces on the temples in Siem Reap evoke awe-inspiring admiration of the achievements of an ancient civilisation – that suddenly abandoned its own creation. The temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Banteay Srey are amongst some of the most photographed World Heritage-listed wonders found in the north of Cambodia.
Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia. The world heritage-listed site was built in the early 12th century and is the biggest religious complex on the planet.
On a trip with Intrepid, you have the opportunity to take part in a homestay, trek through jungle and learn more about rural life in Cambodia.
Cambodia’s New Year’s celebrations (called Choul Chnam Thmey in the local language – Khmer) is held in mid-April each year and marks the end of the traditional harvest season. This is the biggest celebration of the year in Cambodia.
You’ll find the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia: the Tonle Sap provides sustenance to nearly half of Cambodia’s crops and is a major source for fishing. The amazing thing about this lake is that large parts regenerate during the wet season when the monsoon rain falls and floods the central area between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

It’s one of those things nobody likes to do. But for many this is the only way to extend their multiple entry visa. Let’s get into it and make sure you’re all ready to quickly and comfortably come back into Thailand.
This Visa Run is suitable if you do not require consular services, only a border crossing. We pick you up.
We start by needing to see the foreigner’s passport in the office so we can ascertain which visa you can obtain at the border.
You need to bring your passport and 3 x passport size photographs to our office
We then book a visa run for you on the date you need to go the border and give you a receipt for the trip
We take your telephone number and the Thai staff will collect you from your place of stay on the morning of your visa run at approximately 05.00 am returning late afternoon on the same day.
You should also check your passport to make sure no mistakes have been made .


Welcome to Laos-A land of the lotus eaters amid the bloated development of its neighbours, Laos brings together the best of Southeast Asia in one bite-sized destination.Laos retains many of the traditions that have disappeared in a frenzy of development elsewhere in the region. It’s hard to believe somnolent Vientiane is an Asian capital, and there’s a timeless quality to rural life, where stilt houses and paddy fields look like they are straight out of a movie set. Magical Luang Prabang bears witness to hundreds of saffron-robed monks gliding through the streets every morning in a call to alms, one of the region’s iconic images. Intrepid travellers will discover a country untainted by mass tourism and Asia in slow motion – this is Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), or ‘please don’t rush’ as the locals like to joke.
Fifty Shades of Green
With its dark and brooding jungle, glowing emerald rice fields, and the glistening tea leaves that blanket the mountains, the landscape in Laos changes shades of green like a chameleon. But it’s not just the luscious landscapes that are green: when it comes to ecotourism, Laos is leading the way in Southeast Asia. Protected areas predominate in remote areas of the country, and community-based trekking combines these spectacular natural attractions with the chance to experience the ‘real Laos’ with a village homestay.
I hope i convinced you to take a trip to Laos, because now i will show you the route and all steps needed for this trip
Laos Visa Run order of events -3 days trip
Day 1- 05:00 PM pick up in Pattaya, you can choose the days, Wednesday or Sunday.
Day 2- 05:00 AM arrive at the Thai Laos border.
At 08:00 AM you must apply for Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy Vientiane. Then ,at 09:30 AM you will arrive at your hotel in time for breakfast and then you can spend the whole as you like. You can relax if you enjoy that, you can choose something cold and fresh from the bar. Make sure, the next day when will you leave, you won’t regret anything and you will build nice memories.
Day 3- At 01:00 PM we will collect your visa for you
-As you have your visa we will depart Vientiane to return to Pattaya.
-At 12:00 Midnight you will arrive back in Pattaya with drop off at your hotel or home.

The route using visa run Pattaya to Cambodia starting at 05:00 AM and returning on the same day costs only 2,700 thb.
We are waiting for you to help you build a new experience of you your life .

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