Which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya?

Which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya?

Profitable businesses in Pattaya?

Anyone who does not have Thai nationality can start a business here. Their share can reach up to 49%, so when a foreigner wants to start a business in Pattaya, he is required by law to have a Thai partner.
If the business is regulated by The Foreign Business Act, it can get more than 49%.
You still do not know which are the most profitable businesses in Pattaya? We came up with some ideas for you.
Because Pattaya is one of Thailand’s touristic centers, opening a restaurant is one of the most popular ideas. Try to stay authentic and different, the competition can be quite large, so it is very important to put your mark on every thing you do.
You can also rent tourist homes for a short period at a price convenient for you. In Pattaya tourists always come to visit, at all times of the year, so such a business is perfect to be able to earn money living here.
You can also rent motorcycles. The starting capital is relatively small and is accessible to all, and the demand is very high, especially since tourists are always present here.
All you have to do is choose a suitable place and buy the right equipment.
Thai furniture exports represent a very popular type of activity among foreign nationals, because the organization of the supply system is very simplified. The foreign entrepreneur opens his own company, then establishes a contract with a Thai producer.
When you want something, absolutely nothing is impossible, and Thailand offers many benefits for all foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a new business here.
It is also necessary that you have a minimum of knowledge about the business you want to start and it is recommended that you consult with a good lawyer and check all the necessary information regarding your business.
You also need to hold certain visas, in the hatred of which you will be able to open a business in Pattaya, following the laws of Thailand.

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